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Greetings earthlings!

I am back after so many hardships these few years. Current news? I am done doing my degree and will be graduating this coming October! *say yeah!!!!

Ok, Actually, I wanted to write about my plans for the future. *May Allah wills it. It’s not that I wanted all the stuff in the world, but all I want is happiness and blessing, in this life and hereafter. I am hoping that things will be going smoothly, very smoothly indeed as we as humans are always fallible and only God can help us makes thing becoming a reality. I want to further my studies as I don’t want to work yet, not yet I suppose. This makes me realize that I won’t be getting any ‘duit-raya’ for the coming eids and so forth. *so sad………

But hey, look at the bright side. We get older. We learnt from it. We started to look for a job and start paying for our own zakat and I guarantee that would be the best feeling! That feeling when you feel that you are capable of having your own zakat being paid, by yourself. It’s awesome right!!!! * I know, don’t make faces people…….

Ok, Last but not least…Let’s pray that my application for MSc will be going smoothly and accepted by the university..Amiiin…

p/s: I love you.=)

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R.P #3 : Reviews on LilaWadi.

Salam. Baiklah,setelah lama saya retired daripada bidang blogging ini, saya kembali.Terima kasih kpd mak bapak saya yang telah bayar bil internet rumah ni dan ‘terima kasih’ jugak kepada TM kerana mengambil masa selama 1 minggu utk menyambung internet saya.ANDA MEMANG MESRA PELANGGAN. -_-”

O.k, utk dipendekkan cerita, saya menghabiskan sisa-sisa cuti semester saya dgn duduk di rumah.Makan.minum.berak.tido. Ye,anda tahu saya bagaimana jadi jangan buat-buat tak tahu o.k. Sekarang,saya dah jumpe hobby baru which is I am going to be a food critics.Well, I’m gonna write a review about restaurant which I went before and ate. O.k,selalunya sy pergi dgn rakan-rakan sy yang juga menghabiskan sisa-sisa cuti mereka seperti saya.Cume ade yg lebih glamorous or pathetic je.Itu sahaja.Baiklah,seperti dijanjikan..ini review untuk restaurant pertama saya:


LilaWadi Restaurant.

O.k,here how it goes. I’ve came across this place like a couple of times before but never really want to go there. I don’t know why,don’t ask me. Situated at the back of the Teak Furniture store, it was really hard to notice this restaurant. However, due to our (me and my friend) keen sight and sense of smell,we managed to seek information about this restaurant. My father told me that their steak is good.(It’s hard to seek for the best steak you know).So, we decided to go and have a taste of it. We came around 9 pm something. Let’s just skip the part where we hesitate to dine in and instead, we just walked around and rambling about wanting or not wanting to go there. O.k,so there we were.Sitting in their restaurant. Behind us was small bamboos planted at the sideways of the restaurant.With the dim light and few teak furniture, had made the environment seems to be nice and no stress at all.

LilaWadi Environment

See what I mean? The environment is really nice. I never knew that we have this kind of restaurant in Kuantan. Last time I checked, NONE. So, one point for them. Next,I’m gonna reviews on the food.


O.k,the fact that I am living in the east-coast malaysia makes it more easier to find fresh seafood. I certainly have no problems with the taste of the squids,prawns or whatever. But, one thing that certainly came into my mind is that;the beef should be marinated first before being barbecued. Then only, the smell of barbecued beef will be much better and tastier. Other than that, the food was amazing. Now, what I really like to eat in the future is its very own unique Mango Cheese Cake.

Mango Cheesecake

Mango Cheesecake

O.k, the fact that I hate secret recipe doesn’t contributes or affects on how much I love this cheese cake. The mango cheesecake is very nice and delicious. The mango bits perfectly matched with the cheese cream. It blends very well and smoothly when you taste it. The crust neither too thick nor too thin. It was perfect.Food orgasms for that.


Price: Standard.

Pictures: Credits to Zulfikri Bin Abdul Hamid

LilaWadi facebook page.


p/s: lepas ni Croc Rock pulak.

Crocodile Rock

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R.P #2

Baiklah.saya kembali lagi.Hermm..Minggu ni pasal movie review utk cerita Sekali Lagi.Yea..yea..yea..saya tau saya penah ckp yang saya tak tengok sangat citer2 melayu ni,but still..I wanna watch it o.k..(terpaksa tgk citer ni sbb citer lain sume showtime tgh maghrib,jadi paham2 lah yer.) So,baiklah.Selepas hantar kakak saya pergi spa kt Midvalley Boulevard,saya terus naik atas pegi tgk showtime pukul berapa dan makan Carl’s Jr.Dah 3 kali makan Carl’s Jr. (ye..saya jakon,sila abaikan.) -__-”

Ye.Lebih kurang beginilah saiz nyer..Credits to the picture's owner.(click for source)

Selepas memenuhkan semua compartment perut dengan gigantic burger ini,saya terus beratur untuk beli tiket wayang cerita….ala,malu la..tgk la kt atas balik….So,nasib baik sempat beli tiket utk movie tu…So,tgk je lah..

saya:Sekali lagi,4.25 pm.Ada tak?

counter: Ada.Berapa org?

saya: (berkira2 nk jawab ape ekk) erkk..Sorg.

Counter: (smbil muke pelik).Sorang ke?


Insiden diakhiri dengan saya membayar duit tiket tu. -___-”

So,selepas almost 2 hours tgk cerita tu.Ini review saya pasal movie ini.

Yea..Sila bagi muka 'dropped-jaw' sekarang sebab saya tgk citer melayu. -___-"

Cerita ni ok lah.Cerita ni mengisahkan percintaan antara Sam dan Lisa yang terputus kerana Sam meninggalkan Lisa atas sebab penyakit yang dihidapi Sam. Kemudian,Lisa mengandung dan anaknya grow up dan jadi Mia Sara Nasuha. Selepas Lisa menganggap dia mati @ Hilang, datang bront palarae yang menjaga Mia Sara dan lisa. Di situ lah bermulanya cerita mereka.Pada saya plot die agak mendatar dan klimaks die terlalu dekat dengan ending cerita ini.Kadang2 nampak agak ‘pelik’ dan tak menjadi lakonan lisa surihani.Saya masih lagi confused dengan perwatakan Bront Palarae dlm cerita ni sebab kadang-kadang die kelihatan seperti menghidapi penyakit autisme.Padahal,Sam yang menghidap autisme. On the contrary,cerita ni ada part yang sangat sedeh apabila scene Kartina Aziz,iaitu ibu kepada Sam mengatakan bahawa dia nak akan ada orang yang menjaga Sam apabila dia sudah mati.Lalu Sam menjawab Kalau mcmtu,tak payah mati lah..tak payah.(saya tak tau saya ni sensitif ke ape ke,tapi memang sedeh lah. -___-”

Overall,cerita ni saya rate:

5x Yawning / 5x Menguap

p/s: starting from this review, scale utk menunjukkan yang movie tu bagus or tak adalah yawn. Lebih banyak Yawn,lebih bosan kayh..

p/s/s: Seronok drive kt federal tadi,sebab lengang giler dan midvalley banyak parking kosong.semua sebab BERSIH.

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Random Post (R.P) #1

O.k,post kali ini dimulakan dengan title Random Post (R.P) #1.Mengapa random? sebab sy dah bosan dengan planning all that,so this time just let it go with the flow lah.So this time,I dedicated this post to all the Malaysian out there, entitled :If you’re Malaysian,say ‘Lah!’. Are you?? Are u??!!!!! *o.k,that’s lame. Baiklah,have u ever considered or observed why we,ourselves are different from others? (not suggesting your ornamentation orientation lah) *see,I use my first lah!

*o.k,enough with the babbling…..

You see, we Malaysians often tend to use/put/speak lah at the end of our sentence.So,kita dah terbiasa dengan semua tu sampaikan my english lecturer from America said this..

Malaysian always use lah at the last of their sentence.It”s like the lah is their identity.I had to get used to their style by separating the lah from each and every sentence at first,but now I don’t need it coz I know it lah..

Tak salah kalau nk guna lah at the end of the sentence tu sbb ade pros and cons nye jugak lah.Contohnye mcm ni.Kalau korg study or tinggal kat oversea,and meet a lot of people and korg terserempak org yg muke die cm asian but not-so-malaysian-style lah.

A:Excuse me,are you from Malaysia?

B:Yes.Why lah?

A:Thought so…

So,it’s like the lah itself is like our own-signature-sentence-finisher! So,you don’t have to be shy when speaking among others but do try keep it to minimum yah since we’re getting naked internationally-known. Well,other than that, our behavior on road is pretty much tells or defines us. Try to read an article written by Lydia Teh. It said that if you’re malaysian, then Honk lah! See,normally people would only honk their cars whenever to avoid accident or any crashing with other cars.But,we always honking whenever we want and wherever we are,including places that should not be honking around,such as in school,hospital and etc. It doesn’t matter anyway,but do take into consideration yeah where are the places that should not be honking. Sometimes,your honking might be a nuisance to others lah.

New Perodua Myvi:Slim,sleek and slender..*blame the commercial on sudah..

O.k.hari demi hari berlalu dan tinggal 1 minggu lagi saya nak tamat praktikal a.k.a internship saya di sebuah syarikat veterinar diagnostik di ibu negara.*sigh and lame giler. And this evening,saya dapat tau yang manager in that company nak bayar elaun to one and only chinese guy kt dlm company tu which is my friend. Can u believe that?!! can you??!! Can YOU?!! I am so furious you know. That bald-sissey-manager should be fair to all of us and not to get influence by any race at all. THAT IS CALL RACISM lah moron!! It’s funny how an international company like that is still practicing racism issue nih. Tak paham betul lah. Takpe takpe.We’ll see later how it goes o.k. Bengang sungguh sekarang nih!!!

p/s:I’m not the typical malay you think so,I will stand up for myself if any injustice takes place.Remember that.


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Well hello guys! Saya kembali untuk kesekian kalinya.*baiklah,quote itu sangat boring. Post kali ini adalah untuk saya dan siapa-siapa sahaja yang baca this blog lah. So, beberapa hari yg lepas,aku dah sambut my 21st birthday on 23rd June. Wohhoo!! *happy voting!(yeah,like I’ve registered).O.k lah,dimulakan dgn semua wish2 yang berduyun-duyun masuk kat dalam my RM88 nokia handphone.*ai terharu sangat tau,terima kasih kepada mereka semua.O.k,midnight birthday bash dimulakan pada malam 22 jun tu,sebab besok nk kena kerja kt tempat praktikal yg bagus-tapi-x-seronok itu,saya terpaksa tidur awal jugak.Around 10.30 pm camtu saya dah masuk tdor lah.Then,a few minutes before 12 cmtu,saya terbangun drpd tilam tu sbb kakak saya sengaja off kan kipas tu,jadi saya berpeluh bagai semua tu and there was it/1 an oreo cheese cake with 21 candles lighted on it! I’m ecstatic! Jadi,saya dengan blurr2 nya bangun dan tiup all those candles and ate it with them! Thanks to benjamin mullan for that….

Best Served Chilled

p/s:*memerlukan kerja selepas habis praktikal.dan kepada akka itu,jangan cubit pipi saya dan cium saya lagi.Mengapa?Stay tuned for the next post.Malas nk hap-date lah!

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Not matured or Childish?

Hey all, you know, as I mentioned earlier that I would be doing my practical internship for about two months starting from May till July. So, here I am in my second week for my internship session. Wanna know how it feels or what happens during these times?? O.k,I will let you know now and let’s the particulars not be told yeah.I don’t care anyway.

So,I was reporting for my internship at this so-called company on the 16th of May 2011. This happened to be on the Teacher’s Day (owh yeah,happy teacher’s day).Then, the moment I walked into the company or whatever building or trademarks they’ve called, I could feel the tensed and stressed ambient of the future-workplace of mine. I mumbled alone, dang! I shouldn’t have applied for this worst place ever!! Now,I have to bear working or kuli-ing in this so-called place already. I have no choice but to bear it lah.

Then, they introduced me to all the staffs and interns there. I didn’t feel like quite a warm welcome or friendly as everybody is so busy doing their work and not noticing and cooperating with others,let alone socializing. I highly doubt that these people have their social life at all,provided that they came to work on saturday and sunday.Whoa! You seriously need to get a life lah. Anywho, It wasn’t that bad lah,well it was the first thing that I said in my mind. I’ll just have to get through it je lah. So,be it.

The first week was a bit boring and I was blurred. I didn’t know what to do or whom to seek help. Luckily, there was someone who has been on the internship session by far earlier than me and that person will finish his/her session later than me.I pity that person,very much indeed. So, that person taught me how to carry these stuffs,how to do this and that and etc. I didn’t survived much if it wasn’t because of that person.Alas,the person is nice and not like others.How is not like?I’ll get to that later. For the first week, they just gave me the same thing to do everyday and all over again.Apparently, the same thing or work continues till the second week. Damn! I am so malas lah now….I feel like I wanna quit and go back home je…..Haih! What a waste!

Maybe you guys have been wondering what’s up with the title of my post:Not matured or Childish? You see, you’ll notice that there is many kinds of people living in this world, and you can spot their behavior or manners either in social life or professional life. It doesn’t cost much actually, just some times on the observations of that person. So,back to the topics, when the workers are having conflict among each other, we as the interns are pretty much affected by their working style and relationship among others too. So,here it goes. The funny thing and annoyance thing that happens so often that it irritates not me,but the other people too. The tying of plastic which results in the difficulties by a well-formed and dis-handicapped person. I still have no idea why that person still wanna brag about those things that were done by me and my friend. It’s just simply a small matter where you can solve using your own ‘precious’ time and energy. Maybe that person is just too lazy to do that or wants to maintain the level of his/her perfection.Thank god that person is not beautiful.Let alone nice.Haih! What a lost lah.

As sad as it comes to the childish and immature part, they are slandering and badmouthing each other.In contrary to that, they also look very happy and would kill for anything if their friendship or professional relationship is about to ruin by someone or somebody. I guess, as they grow older (and uglier), the more hypocrite they become. Look,I don’t mind if you’re scolding or whatever lah,as long as you are right and I was wrong,then it’s o.k. But,if it was the opposite, I’ll be glad to respond back to you,negatively I supposed.

p/s: Let’s just hope and pray that I’ll survive for 6 weeks more as I cannot compare anything that I hated the most as much as I hate that place.and yeah, the place or date might have been changed in order to avoid any disclosure or anything. Thank you.and to you, and you,please get a LIFE.

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Can we skip the drama,please???

Being in a place where you have no one to lean or to trust in the times of need, requires a lot of patience and endurance. It’s just a matter of time when you are force to trust your own self.

::Do u mind?::

You just know my name,not the whole me

A friend of mine just quoted as above and I guess the quote pretty much tells everything. It’s not always how good it seems or how fun the socializing or making friends would be, but it’s always about the people that revolve in your life. Dropping off and picking up isn’t how we handle the relationship between two or more people. Some people might think that they have no idea how to handle any sort of relationship,when the time is right, they just know how to handle it. This isn’t an emotional post on something rather than someone, it’s just that too many things had happened to me and few of my close friends. So,I have decided to just kiss-and-tell the real stuff or at least, what I want to tell.

Those people aren’t your friends.They are paid to kiss your foot.

Again,I’ve had enough of this kind of stuff till it makes me feel heartless to it. But,we know the real stuff happen and we could tell from how it went or started off. It maybe awesome.It maybe awe-quite-a-bit. Or it maybe Awww….nothing.So, my advice people,when you meet this kind of people,run for your life.I said run for the sake of your life because there’s no used in keeping things when in the end,you’ll end up getting hurt.

men: we kick friendship like football.We passed the ball to each other and ended up scoring goals.Then we gathered and cheered for each other because that’s how we roll it.

women: we treat friendship as a beautiful glass.Hand made.Beautifully painted,carved and cared.We take a good care of it but somehow,when it cracks,there’d be like thousand of pieces.Surely we can fix it,but it will not be the same anymore.

So,notice any differences in those two quotes by different genders?? I’m not being sexist or trying to discriminate any other genders,well,not if you’re likely to be one-kind-of-hermaphrodite.What I’m trying to say is that,both genders that quoted above quotes have its own advantages and disadvantages.You know,we as guys will tend to ignore or act like it’s probably nothing when there’s been a turbulence or problem in our daily life.We tend to keep it to ourselves and in the end,we’ll end up losing or getting hurt. That is how the law of nature works.

So, that’s just it. I really have nothing to say.This stuff and all of it requires a lot of self-thinking and understanding.I am not trying to point out each and everyone weakness or wrongs, but instead,I am trying to work on ourselves for a better selves that we’re about to become.

Every human being is fallible.So,why point out others when we can only look at ourselves first??

p/s:I’m just bored.Humour me will ya??? Thanks.

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